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"Cody is a writer's, director's and producer's dream! Cody captured the essence, and brought to life, the story and characters I created. I met Cody through Actors Access / Breakdown Services during casting. He was the first one to submit an audition. From the sides, I felt like he'd read my whole script. He understood the story I wanted to tell and his performance moved me. Since the story is inspired by my personal experience, that says a lot. I loved the choices he made both during auditions, chemistry reads, and on set. His performance was so intriguing and engaging, I added another scene during filming. I gave him a general idea of what I was looking for, then let him and his co-star create the rest. Wow, what a story teller! Thanks Cody! Looking forward to our next project."


- Karen Johnson, Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Salt And Pepper. 

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cody Alexander Curtis on several projects, both as his director and his scene partner. I cast him as the lead in my short film Simon Says, a role that required the ability to capture the intense emotional journey of the character as well as skills in stunt acting. Cody proved he was up to the task. He is a truly dedicated and hardworking artist with a drive for excellence in everything he does."

Sarah Massey - Director, Writer, DP, Cam Op, Editor

"Cody Alexander Curtis brings a level of professionalism and heart to his projects that is unmatched — when he commits, he is all in, and he leaves nothing on the table! He shows up on set prepared, and with a willingness and eager spirit that is ready to see where the creative process may lead. He is personable and friendly, always greeting cast and crew with a warm smile, no matter if it is hour 1 or hour 12, and lifts up those who are around him. Cody is caring and supportive of his fellow cast and crew, always ready to lend a hand or offer words of encouragement. But above all, Cody is passionate about acting and sets a high standard for himself, and puts in the work to reach all the right notes. Cody is a benefit to have on set, and he will enhance any production and become an asset to the set!"

Leigh Doran - Producer, Camera Operator, Photographer
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