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THE Man Behind the storyteller

A love of the arts has never truly been separate from me. Since I was a little boy I was raised on classical movies and television. I dare say that British comedies and Jane Austen adaptations were more than a small part of my childhood. My first memory of telling stories  was when my brother and I would take our parents Sony Handyman camera and create parodies based on the popular character Sonic the Hedgehog. 

My first experience on stage was also joined by my brother. We performed in an elementary school adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk, where I played the mighty role of "DOG" and my brother...well my brother played the titular role of Jack (Believe me, I know). Between the creative things  I was doing on stage and in front of a home video camera I discovered a love for performing that wouldn't completely bloom until High School. A very enthusiastic theater department instructor who studied directly under Lee Strasberg had a lot to do with that (Kevin O'leary thank you for everything).

I have been very fortunate to have mentors who have educated me on the craftmanship and business side of pursuing a creative career. All of this eventually came together when I directed my first feature film called Suffocation. If it wasn't for my teachers and the people I surrounded myself with I am not sure this would have been possible and there is a very strong likelihood I would have quit. If there is one thing this event did, it was fan the flame of my love for storytelling as a whole. At this point it has become an obsession in the best way possible.

The excitement I feel about being on a film set or theater stage can only be described as an immense joy. I love being a part of telling another persons story. I love storytelling from pre-production to post I love the entire process. If you are someone who loves stories as much as I do and you have connected with my words and my story-let's talk and bring your next creation to life. I can't wait to hear from you!

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